Who We Are

Based out of Minneapolis, we are a consortium of experienced PhDs, MBAs, and independent management consultants that specialize in organizational research and business performance improvement consulting. We provide a breadth of expertise matched only by the world's largest consulting firms.

What We Do:
Our organization specializes in diagnosing problem areas, recommending appropriate solutions, and determining levels of effectiveness and operating efficiencies in small and middle-market companies throughout the United States.

Why Hire Us:
All of our management consultants are employed either in their own consulting practice, business, government, or academia. As a result, we can charge less than traditional consulting firms. And, our management consulting professionals are among the best in the industry with decades of experience and advanced academic or professional credentials.

Our Philosophy:
Our philosophy toward business performance improvement is analogous to an athlete in training; first burn fat, then build muscle. We believe all businesses operate in a globally competitive arena; much like international athletes compete in games of strength, speed, and endurance. Companies today must engage in a process of continuous improvement. They must diligently look for ways to control costs and simultaneously increase revenues.

Nobody knows how to run your business better than you. We simply try to uncover relevant, objective facts which you can use to become more effective in an increasingly competitive environment.

225 South 6th Street, Suite 3900, Minneapolis, MN, 55402, United States
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