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SG&A Expense Audit:
Offered on a contingency basis, an advanced historical cost analysis is performed of your company's selling, general, and administrative expenses. Over time, many companies suffer from "cost creep"--even though they may think costs are under control. This analysis will pinpoint excess costs down to general ledger line-item detail.

Marketing Organization Audit:
A scientifically proven methodology is used to measure the internal degree of your company's marketing effectiveness. It uses qualitative research methods to provide an accurate assessment of your current sales and marketing activities, along with recommendations for improvement.

Interim Marketing Management:
We can be available to lead short-term marketing management projects on a contract basis so you can more effectively manage other resources. Contract terms are negotiable and may include projects related to marketing planning, product launches, data analysis, or facilitating brainstorming and ideation sessions.

Strategic Performance Assessment:
Trying to determine where the most opportunity for improving the performance of your company lies? Where should you direct your efforts to have the greatest impact? Concerned that your organization has lost its focus? These questions can be answered by combining advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods to interpret complex perceptions within your organization.

Business Plan Review:
There are lots of software programs on the market today that can help you write a business plan. But how many can evaluate your odds of success? There are also many services available that claim to write business plans for you from scratch. But can they effectively capture and articulate your vision? Unlikely. That is why we take a different approach. You do your best to draft the plan; we review and critique it.

Before committing your time and money to a business idea that may or may not succeed, let our team of professionals evaluate your business plan draft. We can help you determine if you've considered all the variables and covered every possible contingency.

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